Participation Release & Waiver

I hereby certify that I am the parent or legal guardian of the participant. I hereby give permission for the coaching staff  to seek medical needs during the period of training and will contact a parent immediately in the case of an emergency. We will give appropriate medical attention to the player in the event of accident, injury, or illness. I will be responsible for any and all costs of medical attention and treatment. I understand that tennis is an active, physical sport, and that injures can take place during play. I understand that, as with any sport, injuries can occur and we hereby acknowledge that our child is physically fit and mentally capable of participating in tennis activities. Accordingly, for my child and his/her parents/guardians I hereby release and agree not to sue Edinburgh Subdivision and Champ Tennis Academy and any person acting as its agent for any claim related to the tennis sports academy. 

Champ Tennis Academy Mission

Champ Tennis Academy is dedicated to provide a structured personalized, performance- driven tennis instruction, along with a rigorous fitness program for the junior tennis player who is passionate and motivated about improving their game.

We believe in building life champions. Whether a player is qualifying for a pro tourney, earning a college scholarship, making the varsity HS team, raising your ranking or just to learn and enjoy the game, our commitment is to players combining life lessons to every session.

To maximize our players potential, we have carefully crafted a code of conduct which sets high performance standards, both on and off the court to ensure the most productive environment. Our goal is to produce high caliber players who have discipline, integrity, and work ethic, to not only win the match but to be a champion.

Our Academy takes great pride in recruiting and training players who have strong tennis skills along with character, life style, and determination to be accomplished athletes, scholars, and citizens.

Our group of coaches is 100% committed to providing personalized training to produce a champion using their experience, knowledge, caring, team oriented, and have a passion to work with players.

Our Focus is to develop the tactical, technical, mental, physical, nutritional, social, and academic to take you to the next level.

Junior Academy Progression

Level 1 - This player is just starting to play tennis and or has been introduced to the game, and learning to play but has a lack of consistency rallying and serving. 

Level 2 - Can get the ball in play but lacks control, resulting in inconsistent rallies. Often chooses to hit forehands instead of backhands. Tends to position in a manner to protect weaknesses. Inconsistent return.

Level 3 -  Can rally consistently 10 balls in a row, especially on the forehand, with an arched trajectory over the net when the objective is to hit to a partner at moderate speed.
In singles, consistent when returning towards the middle of the court. In doubles, difficulty returning cross- court to start the point. Becoming at ease at the net in practice.
Attempting a full service motion on the first serve. 

Level 4 - Able to rally consistently 25 balls in a row on forehands and backhands. Able to maintain the rally when receiving high, short or wide balls, assuming the ball is received at a moderate pace, especially on the forehand stroke. Can control the direction of the ball in both singles and doubles, when receiving a serve with moderate pace. Very consistent on forehand volley with easy balls, inconsistent on backhand volley. Overall has difficulty with low and wide balls. Can smash easy lobs.

Level 5 - Able to move the opponent around the court or hit harder when receiving easier balls. Can execute approach shots with some consistency (more than 50%).
Can return fast serves or well- placed serves with defensive actions. On easy second serve, can return with pace or directional control; can approach the net in doubles.
Becoming confident at net play; can direct FH volleys; controls BH volley but with little offense; general difficulty in putting volleys away. Can handle volleys and overheads that require moderate movement. Can vary the speed or direction of first serve. Can direct the second serve to the opponent’s weakness without double-faulting on a regular basis.
Level 6 -  Able to develop points with some consistency by using a reliable combination of shots. On moderately paced serves, can construct the point through hitting a good shot or exploiting an opponent’s weakness. In doubles, can vary returns effectively on moderately- paced serves. In singles, comfortable at following an approach shot to the net. In doubles, comfortable receiving a variety of balls and converting to offensive positioning; can poach on weak returns of serve. Able to put away easy overheads.
Can vary the speed and direction of the first serve. Uses spin.

Level 7 -  Can use a variety of spins. Beginning to develop a dominant shot or good steadiness. Erratic when attempting a quality shot in two of the following situations: receiving fast balls, wide balls, and in passing shot situations. When coming to the net after serving, consistently able to put the first volley in play but without pace or depth; however, inconsistent when trying to volley powerful or angled returns. Close to the net, can finish a point using various options including drop volley, angle volley, punch volley. Aggressive first serve with power and spin. On second serve frequently hits with good depth and placement without double faults. Can serve and volley off first serves in doubles, but experiences some inconsistency.

Level 8 - Able to maintain a consistent rally, 50 balls in a row on faster balls. Very steady strokes or has a dominant shot. Periodically succeeds (50%) when attempting a quality shot when receiving fast or wide balls, and in passing shot situations. Periodically succeeds (50%) at aggressive return off fast first serves using dominant shot (forehand or backhand). In doubles can return at the feet of serve and volleyer. In doubles, after the serve, has a good, deep crosscourt volley. Overhead can be hit from almost any position.
First serve can win points outright, or force a weak return. Second serve can prevent the opponent from attacking. Serve and volleys on first serves in doubles with consistency.

This player has developed a game style which is recognizable as either an all court player, an aggressive base-liner, a serve and volleyer, or a retriever. Has developed good anticipation either technically (can read toss on serve, body position...) or tactically (can read opponents tendencies in specific situations). Has no major weaknesses and can counterattack effectively against a hard ball, wide ball or in passing shot situations.

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Champions Hitting At Match Point

This Season we are looking to step up the Academy!

All academy players will be evaluated and must maintain a standard. The criteria to be considered are as follows:

1. Players will be assigned a level and reevaluated to fit in the appropriate group. All players will have the ability to move up based on improvement.

2.  Compete in match play. In order to improve in this game you must compete.

  • - Level 1 & 2 should participate in games and start playing live ball games.
  • - Level 3 & 4 are starting to compete in ALTA & USTA teams and participate in round robins format competition.
  • - Level 5 & 6 must compete in either ALTA, USTA, T2, Ladders and USTA or UTR tournament.
  • - Level 7 & 8 are actively competing in UTR & USTA tournaments. This group of players should have a state, sectional or national ranking.

3.  Participate in conditioning and have good physical stamina while on court and participate in off court training.

4.  Level 5-8 Players should be able to consistently hit full court at least 50 balls in a row, serve with continental group, have good sound basics of technique on all strokes.

5.  Have a great attitude.  I will not tolerate temper tantrums, hitting rackets, speaking badly to other players, cheating, complaining, not listening during drills, arguing, and lack of participation. You will have 1 warning then you will be out of the academy.

​6.  Level 5-8 Players must be on court at least 3 days a week. I understand everyone is really busy however in order to improve in tennis and reach goals like playing in high school and possibly college tennis then you must train. Our academy is not just for the recreational ALTA player and there is a place for those looking to only have fun and be social. We will have fun but as a group we have long term goals that will only be achieved through hard work and dedication.

Champ Tennis Academy strives to develop players in a fun and challenging atmosphere. You are part of our family I guarantee that you will reach your goals, and I will personally do everything I can to give you those tools. If you do not have a ranking but plan on starting tourneys then there will be some exceptions made.

If you are struggling and need extra help WE are here for you and will be flexible to accommodate you to help out your game. We are a team and will not let you down. Together we will bring out the BEST in each other.

Junior Academy Information

Academy Starts- August 4th through May 25, 2023

​Level 1 & 2 Players train on Tuesday's & Thursday’s 4-5:30pm
Level 3 & 4 Players train on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s 5:30-7pm
Level 5 & 6 Players train on Monday & Wednesday’s  5-6:30pm
Level 7 & 8 (High-School) Players train on Monday & Wed 3-5pm
Level 5-8 Additional 3rd day training on Tuesday's 7-8:30pm

Costs for Level 1-4 training

1 day a week training $150/monthly

2 days a week training $250/monthly
Costs for Level 5-8 training

2 days a week training $250/monthly
Costs for Level 5-8 training

3 days a week training $300/monthly

🎾Training sessions will be very structured from start to finish.
🎾 Players will be assigned training levels to maintain ratios and to allow us to staff coaches properly with a 1:6 ratio. 
🎾This is all inclusive group of tennis players. We will be offering classes to all level players. We want to maintain higher quality instruction for all of our players. Please share with your child we will not tolerate any player who disregards the rules. 
🎾Our goal is to maintain a healthy and safe environment. Do not bring food and only bring reusable water bottles to minimize trash. 
🎾Players will be grouped by similar age and ability. High School, Middle School and Elementary will be separated but there will be some exceptions.

🎾In the event of rain we may or may not cancel training but instead do conditioning, tennis video training, goal setting and other valuable skills to assist in improving the players overall career.
🎾 Tuition will be due on the 1st of each month.

Payment will only be accepted by Venmo or Zelle to maintain

contactless transactions. 

Venmo: @roseytennis

Some months pro-rated

Check Schedule for Dates & Prices

Includes: At least 3 hours of training per week

Conditioning Evaluations

Tournament warm ups

Round Robins